New Resources Page

Hi all

we have created a new page dedicated to resources: these range from links to publishing houses which specialize in publishing translations, to prizes and competitions for both writers and translators, to other writing and text-making resources. Together with the News  & Links and Blogs pages we hope you’ll find  the new  Resources space  useful and helpful in your translation and writing quest. These pages are updated regularly, as soon as exciting projects and new publishing initiatives catch our eyes, so keep checking them.

We are still exploring the translation of myth, and invite contributions (of any length, from and into any language) around this theme. We also invite you to go and read/experience the brilliant translations we have received so far.

Eugenia and I are working on a collaborative translation of the myth of Pygmalion, from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, fittingly so, if you think of translation as a transformative process.


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