Between The Lines: Literature and the Arts in Translation

We wanted to let you know about an exciting forum, Between the Lines, a series of podcasts, which explore literature and the arts in translation.

Translators, writers, critics, publishers and others take part in interviews with Professor Timothy Mathews (UCL) in which different dimensions of translation take centre stage. Translators as well as authors discuss their experiences of presenting works to an audience with a different language. These experiences are not just intellectual but often personal and affecting for the listener. Publishers and booksellers discuss how they have discovered literatures in different languages and disseminated them.  Read More

Current podcasts include: Anthea Bell (translator) and Jo Catling (translator and senior lecturer UEA), Alessandro Gallenzi (Managing Editor of Alma Books, writer and translator), Clive Scott (scholar and translator, Professor Emeritus UEA), Daniel Hahn (translator , and national programme director of the British Centre for Literary Translation), Joyce Crick (translator) and a podcast from us too.


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