Elena Poniatowska and a little She-goat named Frida

We start this exciting South American journey with Mexican journalist and writer Elena Poniatowska. She is often described as an author of ‘testimonial narratives’ in which the accounts of marginalised people are given voice. However, the translation proposed in our Translations and Other Writings page is from Las siete cabritas (The Seven Little Goats), published in 2000, a book depicting the stories of seven women in Mexican society in the 20th century. This particular extract gives voice to the famous Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo.

The translation in English, which translator Christina MacSweeney has titled Seven Little She-goats, is interspersed with illustrations for a visually enhanced reading experience. To read ‘Diego, I am alone’ go to ‘Translations and other writings’ in the menu bar or click here.


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