On the art of poetry translation

Hi all
an inspiring piece on poetry translation, ‘The Translator’s Greenhouse’ by Lisa Rose Bradford  for Translation Tuesday published in The World Literature Today, discusses the delights and conflicts, pleasures and challenges of translation, with  reference to Lisa’s own experience of translating Juan Gelman’s poetic work.

1 thought on “On the art of poetry translation

  1. Jon Lindsay Miles

    An interesting article. I’m coming to the conclusion that translators generally understand the decisions that other translators make in their work, whether or not they approve of them, and that many are tolerant, or even applaud their commitment to produce good literary translated texts, even at the cost of some contested “fidelity”.

    Those with no experience of translation as a practice, or study, understandably find it easy to criticise translation decisions, but are rarely able to offer more than “It’s not the same as the original (sic),” as a response to the question: “Why?”.

    The answer to a more productive dialogue is a bit more education, more awareness of what translation can not be – and therefore generally is; might best be. And there is more than one answer to that.


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