We are pleased to announce our next theme on translation and the art of text making. For the next few months the Creative Literary Studio is going to explore the translation of  the avant-garde.


What does it mean to engage with and translate such literature? Which are the voices in fiction, poetry, theatre or other genres and artistic practices, emerging from these movements? How are, and how can, these voices be translated, re-made, textured, re-experimentedFurther, we are very interested in publishing projects which apply avant-garde practice to contemporary translations.

The Studio  strongly invites anybody to join this experimental, journey. If you translate and/or interested in the literary and artistic avant-garde movements in past and current times, do share with us your ideas and what it means to translate these special, innovative texts.

Indeed, to explore new perspectives in translating this kind of texts, we invite you to try out a creative approach. You can post your own experimental translations of avant-garde texts, to be publisged on this blog to These could be a poem or an extract from a play or a novel, as well as creative non-fiction, art manifestos or  an artwork exploring different verbal and non-verbal channels.

Finally, if you would like to share a theme-related published text in translation, you can send your review to This will appear in our ‘Book Reviews’ page.


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