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We met back in 1998 at the University of East Anglia, UK,  while studying for Masters and PhD degrees in literary translation, Eugenia specialising in experimental  translation, Manuela in theatre translation. We both developed an interest in translation as a creative form of text making and later edited a book on the links between translation and creative writing, Translation and Creativity (Continuum 2006). Through the collection of essays by scholars and practitioners we initiated a creative turn in the perception of all that is rewriting. However, fascinated by the processes of writing a translation, we wanted to go one step further, focussing on text making as a ‘live show’, and on translation as ‘performance’. The next experiment was to give a French poem, the beautiful poem-conversation ‘Les Fenêtres’ by Apollinaire, to different writers, translators, performers and artists, so to follow its journey through different  readings and rewritings. This exploration in text-travel is illustrated in One Poem in Search of a Translator (Peter Lang 2008). This particular experiment has pushed us even further, encouraged us to look at the different nature of texts, to their oral, aural, verbal and non-verbal features, and how these influence reading and remaking of these texts.

Manuela Perteghella and Eugenia Loffredo

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