Our publications

Manuela and Eugenia’s publications

(2014) ‘Literary translation as a creative practice in L2 writing pedagogies’, in D. Disney (ed) Beyond Babel? Creative Writing in Non-Native English-Language Contexts (Philadelphia: John Benjamins).

(eds) (2008) One Poem in Search of a Translator: Rewriting ‘Les Fenêtres’ by Apollinaire (Bern: Peter Lang).

(eds) (2006) Translation and Creativity: Perspectives on Creative Writing and Translation Studies (London and New York: Continuum).

Manuela’s Publications

(2017) ‘The Isle if full of Noises: The Tempest in Italian’ in J. Boase-Beier, L. Fisher and H. Furakawa (eds) The Palgrave Handbook of LiteraryTranslation (Palgrave).

(2017) Review of: Krebs, K. (ed) (2014) Translation and Adaptation in Theatre and Film, (London/New York: Routledge), mTm Translation Journal (http://www.mtmjournal.gr/).

(2014) Book Review of Reclaiming Romeo and Juliet: Italian Translations for Page, Stage and Screen, by Vincenza Minutella, Approaches to Translation Studies 38, Amsterdam/New York, NY, Rodopi, 2013, 264 pp., in the Journal of Translation Studies, 2014.http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/14781700.2014.991350#abstract

(2013) ‘Translation as Creative Writing’ in G. Harper (ed) The Blackwell Companion to Creative Writing (Wiley Blackwell).

Baines R., C. Marinetti, M. Perteghella (eds) (2011) Staging and Performing Translation. Text and Theatre Practice (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan).

(2011) (co-authored with Baines) ‘Interview with Christopher Hampton’ in Baines, R., C. Marinetti, and M. Perteghella (eds) Staging Translation: Text and Theatre Practice. (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan) pp.173-186.

(2008) ‘Adaptation: bastard child or critique? Putting terminology centre-stage‘ Journal of Romance Studies, Volume 8, Number 3, Winter 2008, pp.51-65.

(2008) Jostrans www.jostrans.org Issue 10 (2008), pp. 157-9. Leonardi, Vanessa (ed) (2004). Gender and Ideology in Translation: Do Women and Men Translate Differently? A Contrastive Analysis from Italian into English, (Oxford & Bern: Peter Lang). http://www.jostrans.org/issue10/rev_leonardi.pd

De Bei , L. (2007) The Dogs Facing the Hare, trans. by U. Rani Sarma, literal by M. Perteghella (London: Oberon Modern Plays).

(2007) Jostrans www.jostrans.org Issue 8 (2007), pp. 113-5.  Malmkjaer, Kirsten (ed) (2004). Translation in Undergraduate Degree Programmes, (Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company). http://www.jostrans.org/issue08/rev_malmkjaer.pdf

(2006) ‘Poetry, Music and Transformation in the Gulf of Naples: A Creative Voyage of The Tempest’ in E. Loffredo and M. Perteghella (eds) Translation and Creativity: Perspectives on Creative Writing and Translation Studies (London and New York: Continuum), pp.141-166.

(2004) ‘A Descriptive-Anthropological Model of Theatre Translation’ in H. Klein and S. Coelsch-Foisner (eds) Drama Translation and Theatre Practice, (Bern: Peter Lang), pp.3-23.

(2003) ‘Language and Politics on Stage: Strategies for Translating Dialect and Slang with Reference to Shaw’s Pygmalion and Bond’s Saved’ in Translation Review (Dallas: University of Texas), vol.64, pp. 45-53.

(1999) ‘The Making of Cary’s Vision: Marketing and Promoting Dante’s Comedy in the Romantic Era’ in Norwich Papers: Papers in European Languages, Literatures and Culture (Norwich: University of East Anglia), vol.VII, pp.43-52.


Eugenia’s publications

(2007) ‘Andrea Zanzotto, Four Poems’ (translated in collaboration with others), in Constantine D. and H. Constantine (eds) Modern Poetry in Translation, series 3, no.7, pp.118-127.

(2006) ‘Translating as Cohabitation’, In Other Words, vol. 28, (Norwich: British Centre for Literary Translation), pp.69-71.

(2006) ‘Poetry as ‘Translational Form’: A Transgeneric Translation of Jeanne Hyvrard’s Mère la mort into English’, in Loffredo, E. and M. Perteghella (eds) Translation and Creativity: Perspectives on Creative Writing and Translation Studies (London and New York: Continuum), pp.158-172.

(2003) ‘The Diseased Body of Language: Translating the Female Body in Jeanne Hyvrard’s Mère la mort’, in Santaemilia J. (ed.) Género, Lenguaje y Traducción (Valencia: University of Valencia), pp. 485-499.

(1998) ‘Contemporary Women’s Literature of Madness and Translation: a Comparative Analysis of Translations of Les Mots pour le dire by Marie Cardinal’, in Norwich Papers, vol.VI, (Norwich: University of East Anglia),pp. 39-52.

(1997) ‘An Experimental Translation of The Scriveners by Dino Buzzati’, Norwich Papers, vol.V, (Norwich: University of East Anglia), pp.21-40.


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