We are currently accepting submissions of translations  of poems, extracts from novels and short stories, children’s literature, extracts from creative non-fiction (for example, biographies, travel writing, philosophical writing). We are also accepting texts which, whilst not necessarily translations, engage with, and interrogate, ideas of what ‘translation’ means, and how it can be engendered.

The Studio wishes to bring new perceptions onto writing practices: experimentation, debate, and above all a celebration of the resplendent art of text making are our main interests. We embrace both the text of ‘departure’ and that of ‘arrival’, and the journey from one to the other. The translation can take a verbal shape, but not only. Also welcome are non-verbal texts, which play with the inherent multimodality of most texts that is the aural and oral elements of poems and choruses; the visual images that texts generate in the mind of the reader; words, body language, sounds, music, movements in the drama.

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You can either contribute thematically (we often propose a theme every three or four months, which will raise a variety of questions and promote new ideas), or just send your own creative work/translations. If you wish to have the source text published too with your translation, please make sure you have permission to do so from the copyrights holder, if applicable.

What is important for the blog is to explore the process, and therefore your text should be accompanied by a short (or long) account on what/why/how your writing has formed and developed. This would make possible, as in a Studio, to see the ‘live show’ of text creation, its process. The commentary can take any form and be as creative and experimental as you wish.

Please also send a short biography.

The beautiful art of text making: go and make one now! Send us your contribution(s) as word docs, jpegs, or Pdfs at