Links & Blogs

Here are some interesting websites and blogs on creativity, multimediality, literary  translation and text making. If you know of any other websites please share them with us.

The British Centre for Literary Translation – Britain’s leading centre for the development, promotion and support of literary translation and contemporary writing from around the world.

Creative Multilingualism  explorations and research in linguistic diversity, including translation.

Free Word – an international centre for literature, literacy, and free expression.

Intersemiotic Translation and Cultural Literacy – Intersemiotic translation provides an interactive, participative platform with the potential to engage individuals and communities in connecting with cultures different from their own.

Between the Lines – a  forum for literature and the arts in translation, with interviews with translators, publishers, writers and critics.

Textured Literature – a blog of  literary, cultural and theoretical exploration of textural literature, textured literature, digital literature, and digital poetics.

The Paths of survival – a blog by Josephine Balmer, poet, classical translator, scholar and literary critic. With Balmer’s words, this blog represents ‘a poetic exploration of moments in history, examining the fragility of literary culture, both classical and contemporary – and the often surprising ways in which it flourishes against all the odds’. Here you will find some of Balmer’s translations.

Artiste et art surréaliste Elise Aru creates poem-objects juxtaposing text and different materials.
Translation Games – exploring translation with literature and the fine arts.
European Literature Network – a network helping writers, translators, publishers, booksellers, the media, festival directors, teachers and arts organizations to promote European literature.

Between the linesTranslation and literature – a fabulous blog on translation and literature by Jamie Lee Searle.

The Emerging Translators Network – a forum and support group for early-carreer translators in the field of literary translation.

Transcultural writers – A book on cross-border writing, translational identities and the transplace.

The Authors-Translators Blog – a blog posting interviews with both authors and translators.

Translationista – a blog on literary translation by writer and translator Susan Bernofsky.

Literary Translators  – a blog by the American Literary Association.

Reading Translations – a blog which discusses literature in translation from a critical perspective.

George Szirtes –  a blog by George Szirtes, poet and translator.

Nomadics – a blog by poet and translator Pierre Joris.

The Center for the Art of Translation – it aims to broaden cultural understanding, promoting world writing and translation, with programs in publishing, teaching, and public events. Publishers of Two Lines, an anthology of international literature in translation.

Words without Borders – Founded in 2003, Words without Borders promotes cultural understanding through the translation, publication, and promotion of the finest contemporary international literature.

Brave New Words – a blog by B.J. Epstein about translation, language, literature and other related topics.

The Otherness Project –  an independent project with an international outlook. Its aim is to establish a multi-layered platform for cross- cultural co-operation, research and debate within the field of theatre and performance.


Poetry Translation Centre – was established to translate contemporary poetry from Africa, Asia and Latin America to a high literary standard.

The Poetry Society – founded in 1909 it has grown into one of Britain’s leading arts organization, promoting British poetry nationally and internationally.

OuLiPo – group/workshop of writers and mathematicians creating new work with writing constraints.

The Jetties Project – a cross disciplinary collaboration between Writer Madeleine Campbell, Sonic Artist Bethan Parkes, Visual Artist Birthe Jorgensen, Dancer Laura Gonzalez and Dancer Marta Masiero.


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